These kits include everything needed to make an excellent        
 wine in 28 days!  They do, however, improve with aging which    
  uncovers the fullest aroma, color, and flavor characteristics.  
   Vintner's Reserve Wine Kits give you  unprecedented             
   quality  and a whole variety of fine wines to choose from.        
    Country  Cannery handles a variety of red and white kits.  
Each kit will make 5 to 6 gallons of excellent wine.
Baralo                        73.25
Baralo has an earthy chocolaty flavor blend

Bordailles Blanc        55.75
May be drunk young and has a crisp and lively flavor, but aging
develops a full body rich and slightly floral bouquet.  Pairs well
with poultry, pasta, seafood, and salads.

Bourgeron Blanc          45.95
A full bodied wine with a robust flavor.  Appeals to thos who seek
dramatic flavour in wines.

Chardonnay                 66.95
Dry with a pleasant acidity.  Needs to be aged to fully realize its

Cabernet Sauvignon       70.95
Good with hearty dinners.  Must be aged for maximum benefit.

Gewurztraminer                 68.95
An excellent wine with spicy foods or with desserts

Chianti                         70.95
A dry red wine with bursts of flavours of berries, spices, and
herbs.  Delicious with veal or spicy pasta.

Liebfraumilch              66.95
Has an agreeable sweet finish.  Perfect with seafood or dessert.

Merlot                        72.25
Very deep in color with cherry and berry aromas.  Perfect with
lamb, red meats, and spicy tomato dishes.

Piesporter                  66.95
Has vivid fruitiness

Pinot Blanc                55.00
A wine with an agreeably sharp, light fruity yet full-bodied taste.  
Perfect as both a sipping wine or with cream sauce dishes.  Also
good with delicate meats.

Pinot Noir                  71.25
A wine that is both fruity and spicy.  Pinot Noir has an aroma
resembling currants.  Aging is required.

Reisling                 69.95
Reisling is a white wine that is refreshing and smooth.  Easy to

Sauvignon Blanc              62.95
A dry wine with fruity and herbaceous character.  Handles a wide
range of herbs, spices, and flavourings.

Shriaz                        82.50
A red wine that boasts a blend of blackberry fruit, spice, and
chocolate.  A stunning, mouth-filling, dark and delicious treat!

Vieus Chateau du Roi    74.95
Full bodied and quick to mature.  A terrific wine to serve with
red meat dishes.

White Zinfandel              61.50
A wine bursting with sweet plum flavours and a flavourful finish.

Chambloise                62.00

Zinfandel                                    82.50
A deep red, spicy, peppery wine with a hint of fruit & berry

Blackberry Cabernet                57.95
A wine with natural combination of slight tart acidity with pleasant sweetness that
makes blackberries so appealing.

Black Raspberry Merlot                57.95
This wine has the aroma and flavors of freshly pack raspberries.

Exotic Fruits White Zinfandel       57.95
A fantastic pairing of a host of luscious fruits.

Green Apple Reisling                     57.95

A wine with a crisp, crunchy green apple flavor.  A real thirst quencher!

Peach-Apricot Chardonnay          57.95
A perfect balance of dryness and acidity with hints of citrus and fruit flavors.

Strawberry White Merlot        57.95
A blush wine with the pleasant sweetness for a delicious taste sensation.

Tropical Fruits Gewurztraminer  57.95
A dazzling blend of fruits that are bursting with flavor.  A perfect refresher to beat
the Summer heat.

Wildberry Shiraz                        57.95
A special blend of wild berries to create a wonderfully fruity taste.

Mango Citrus Symphonay           57.95
blend of mango and citrus flavors.

Blueberry Pinot Noir                  $57.95
A blend of blueberries and Pinot Noir.  The Tangy, sweet burst of blueberries
combines with the light-medium body and cherry-spice flavours of Pinot Noir.

Island Mist wine is a unique and appealing beverage from the people who make
Vintners Reserve.  It has a splash of natural fruit flavors for a  light alcohol wine
that is very good as a table wine.

Vino Vida Pinot Grigo                                            $64.95
Vino Vida Johannesberg Riesling                             $66.25
Vino Vida Red Zinfandel                                         $69.95
Vino Vida Pinot Noir                                               $65.95
Vino Vida  Liebfraumilch                                        $57.95
Vino Vida Austra;oan Shiraz                                   $69.00
Vino Vida White Zinfandel                                      $65.25
Vino Vida  Chamblaise                                             $58.25
Vino Vida Cabernet Sauvignon                                  $68.75
Vino Vida Gewurztraminer                                       $62.25
Vino Vida Vieux Chateau D Roi                                 $74.95
Vino del Vida Merlot                                               $72.25
Vino del Vida Barolo                                                $73.25

Breezing Cran Apple Chardonnay -
Seasonal -           $63.50
Breezing Blackberry Merlot                                    $63.50
Breezing Cranberry Chianti                                     $63.50
Breezing Raspberry White Zinfandel                       $63.50
Breezing  Kiwi Melon Pinot Grigo                              $63.50
Breezin' Blueberry Shiraz                                       $63.50
Breezin' Green Apple Gewurtzaminer                        $63.50
  Breezin'  Peach Chardonnay                                      $63.50     
   Breezin' Strawberry Riesling                                   $63.50      

Grand Cru Petite Sirah                                            $75.00
Grand Cru Zinfandel Blush                                        $65.50
Grand Cru Chateau du Roi                                         $68.50
Grand Cru Pinot Blanc                                              $65.50
Grand Cru Pinot Noir                                               $68.50
Grand Cru Bordailles Blanc                                        $62.50
Grand Cru Barolo                                                      $71.25
Grand Cru Bordailles Rouge                                        $69.25

Vintners Reserve World Vineyards
Italian Pinot Grigo                                             $68.00

Limited Edition  Premium Wine Kits

Selection is limited and varies by month           $125.00
At the present time we have:
Australian Grenache
Chilean  Cabernet  Sauvignon