Windsor Ale Yeast                                                           2.35
An English Ale yeast that produces a beer that is esterly to both palate and        
nose with a slight fresh yeasty flavor.  Windsor demonstrates moderate
attenuation  that will leave a relatively high gravity.  Recommended
                  64 to 70 degree fermentation temperature.                                       
Nottingham Ale Yeast                                                     2.35
This strain was selected for its high flocculent and relatively full attenuation     
properties.  It produces low concentrations of fruity and esterly aromas and
has         been described as neutral for an ale yeast.  Allows the full natural
flavor of malt to    develop.  Good tollerance to low fermentation temeratures;  
good strain to brew         lager-style beers.    
Coopers Ale Yeast                                                          1.75
SAFBREW  WB-06                                                       4.25
SAFLAGER  S-2                                                           4.25
SAFALE  S-04                                                             3.75
SAFALE-US-5  (formerly US 56)        11.5 gms              2.25

Our standard Wyeast packs are the 125 ml. smack-pack.  These ACTIVATOR packs are designed to
inoculate 5 gallons of wrt with 100 Billion yeast cells.

2035 American Lager                                                                    6.50
Bold, complex and aromatic.  Good depth of flavor characteristics for a variety of lager beers.       
2124 Bohemian Lager                                                                    6.50
A pilsner yeast from the Weihenstephen.  Ferments clean and mailty with rich residual maltiness in full       
gravity pilsners..  
2206 Bavarian Lager                                                                    6.50
Usedby many German breweries to produce rich, full-bodied, malty beers.  Good choice for Bocks and           
2112 California Lager                                                                    6.50
Patricularly suited for producing 19th century-style West Coast beers.  Retains lager characteristics
at  temperatures up to 65 degrees and produces malty. brilliantly-clear beers.       
2042 Danish Lager                                                                        6.50    
Rich Dortmund-style, crisp, dry finish.  soft  profile accentuates hop characteristics.
2308 Munich Lager                                                                        6.50   
A unique strain capable of producing fine lagers.  Very smooth, well-rounded and full-bodied.
Benefits from temperature rise for diacetyl rest.
2007 Pilsen Lager                                                                            6.50   
A classic American pilsner strain, smooth, malty palate.  Ferments dry and crisp.
2278 Czeck Pils                                                                             6.50   
Classic pilsner strain from the home of pilsners for a dry, but malty finish.  The perfect choice for              
pilsners and bock beers.  Sulfer produced during fermentation discipates with conditioning.

Our standard Wyeast packs are the 125 ml. smack-pack.  These ACTIVATOR packs are designed
to inoculate 5 gallons of wrt with 100 Billion yeast cells.

3638 Bavarian Wheat                                                       6.50  
Top cropping hefeweisen yeast with complex flavor and aroma.  Balance of
banana and bubble gum esters with lichi and apple/plum esters and cloveness.
3056 Bavarian Wheat Blended                                           6.50   
Blend of top-fermenting ale and wheat strains producing mildly estery and        
phenolic wheat beers.  
3787 Trappist High Gravity                                              6.50  
Robust top cropping yeast with phenolic character.  Alcohol tolrance to 12%.       
Ideal for Biere de Garde.  Ferments dry with rich ester profile and malty palate.  
3068 Weihenstephen Wheat                                              6.50
Unique top-fermenting yeast which produces the unique and spicy weizen          
character, rich with clove, vanilla and banana.  Best results are achieved when         
fermentations are held around 68 degrees.

Our standard Wyeast packs are the 125 ml. smack-pack.  These
ACTIVATOR packs are designed to inoculate 5 gallons of wrt with 100
Billion yeast cells.

1056 American Ale                                                  6.50
Ferments dry and finishes soft, smooth and lean.  Very well balanced
1272 American Ale II                                             6.50

1388 Belgian Strong Ale                                       6.50
Robust flavor yeast with moderate to high alochol tolerance.  
Fruity nose and palate, dry, tart finish
1098 Birtish Ale                                                       6.50
From Whitbread.  Ferments dry and crisp, slightly tart, fruity and well
balanced.    Ferments well down to 65 degrees.
1338 European Ale                                                    6.50
From Wissenschaftlishe in Munich.  Full bodied complex strain finishing very        
  malty.  Produces a dense, rocky head during fermentation.
1007 German Ale                                                      6.50
Ferments dry and crisp, leaving a complex but mild flavor.  Produces extremely   
   rocky head and ferments well down to 55 degrees.
1084 Irish Ale                                                         6.50
Slightl residual diacetyl and fruitness.  Great for stouts.  Clean, smooth,
soft, and full-bodied.
1028 London Ale                                                        6.50
Rich with a dry finish, minerally profile, bold and crisp, with some fruitiness.
1187 Ringwood Ale                                                    6.50
Notorious yeast of European origin with unique fermentation and
flavor characteristics.  Distinct fruit ester and high flocculation provide
a malty complex profile which clears well.  Thorough diacetyl rest is
recommended after fermentation   is complete
1728 Scottish Ale                                                       6.50
Ideally suited for Scottish-style ales and high gravity ales of all types.
3522 Belgian Ardennes                                               6.50
One of many great yeasts to produce classic Belgian ales.  Phenolics develop with
   increased fermentation temperatures, mild fruitness and complex spicy
1968 Special London                                                    6.50
Highly flocculant top-fermenting strain with rich, mailty character and balanced  
   fruitiness.  This strain is so flocculant that additional aeration and agitation is
              needed.   An excellent strain for casl-conditioned ales.
1275 Thames Valley                                                     6.50
Produces classic British bitters, rich complex flavor profile, clean,
light malt character, low fruitiness, low esters, well balanced.
1099  Whitbread                                                        6.50      
A mildly malty and slightly fruity fermentation profile.  Not as tart and dry as    
     1098 and much more flocculant.  Clears well without filtration.
1762 Belgian Abbey II                                                  6.50
High gravity yeast with distinct warming character from ethanol production.        
      Slightly fruity with a dry finish.
2565 Kolsch                                                                       6.50   
A hybrid of ale and lager characteristics.  This strain develops excellent
maltiness with subdued fruitiness and a crisp finish  Ferments well at moderate