Country Cannery is a small shop that sells beer and wine
brewing supplies and also sausage making supplies and

The business actually started out as a hobby  for Ron.  
Somehow he thought it would be 'cool' to be drinking his own
home brewed beer and also wanted to preserve the vegetables
from his garden.   From there the hobby exploded and this in
late 1997 Country Cannery was born.   It started out with just
beer making supplies and canning supplies.  The beer brewing
expanded into wine and mead making and the canning supplies
were phased out and sausage making brought in.   This mix has
proven to be good and we are continually expanding to include
more products and supplies.

Ron is affiliated with Prairie Home Brewers in the
Fargo-Moorhead area and they hold most of their monthly
meetings at his shop.  This has also helped the business in that
Ron his their consultant on many brewing issues and club
members get a small discount for nontaxable supplies.

Ron has been awarded some trophies for his brewing including
About Us
This is a picture of Ron and friend Rick tasting the 'spoils' of their labor.
They won the medals they are wearing at the
Internatioal Mead Festival 2007